The importance of a good website for business

the importance of a good website for business

Having a website opens the door to many business opportunities. Regardless of your industry, there really is no reason why your business shouldn’t have an online presence anymore. In this article, we’re looking into the importance of a good website for business.

What are the different types of websites?

A website is specific to your business, it contains a range of content, including text and images that relate to your company. In addition, your website will have pages to separate services and products. There are different types of websites that you can have, including an eCommerce site (an online store), a membership website, a portfolio website and more.

The most popular content management system for web design is WordPress. WordPress offers fantastic benefits and allows developers to create custom-built websites.

Website habits

Currently, over 5.16 billion people use the internet worldwide. That means that by having a business website, you’ll have the chance to reach all of those people in a different way. Additionally, there are currently 1.13 billion websites on the internet in 2023.

Recent years have taught many the importance of having an online presence. For some, it was the only way to keep the business afloat for a while. In the UAE, many companies have noticed an increase in customers choosing to shop digitally rather than in person. This is creating a huge opportunity for companies online.

The last few years have also seen an increase in the use of mobile phones to browse the internet rather than desktop.

People are spending more time online, whether that be browsing the internet or scrolling on socials, so now is the time to sort your website if you haven’t already. Check out our blog on questions to ask a web designer if you’re struggling with ideas.

The importance of a good website for business

Now that you know more about websites, we can get into the importance of a website for business. Let’s see how your digital marketing efforts can really pay off.


business marketing efforts

First impressions

When buying a product online, most people will have a good look around the website before entering their details. This means your website needs to make a great first impression. If things don’t look right, or the website doesn’t run properly, you’ll probably lose customers.

Customers nowadays expect businesses to promote products and services online, so people may be reluctant to work with you if you have no website for your business.

To make a good first impression, be sure to create a striking website that incorporates the key elements of your brand.

Building a strong online presence

We talk about your online presence quite a lot, but that’s because it’s so important. By having a business website, you’re giving yourself a way to have an online presence all of the time.

Builds trust

Small businesses, in particular, have to work harder to gain trust from potential customers. This is why having a website is so important, as users can visit the site to get a better idea of your brand. Some choose to display ratings and reviews so that website visitors can clearly see they are a trusted company. Once you’ve built trust, your existing customers will likely continue working with you.

If your company website works well, you’re more likely to build trust with prospective customers. They’ll see that you care about making a good impression which means your customer service may be better too.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that you hire a professional web design company to complete your website. It can be fairly obvious when a website has been thrown together with no plan or consideration for the target audience. A professional website design company will work with you to ensure that all plans meet your business goals.

Our team of expert web developers use their extensive skills and knowledge to build impressive custom-built websites for clients. Check out some of our latest case studies.

Marketing methods for your business online

Web design and marketing go hand in hand. To improve your website’s search engine optimisation, you’ll need to ensure the site works well and provides a great customer journey. Our SEO experts use onsite and off-site SEO techniques to yield the best results for your business.

Marketing doesn’t just end there, you could also consider using PPC management to target users who are already using search engines for things that are relevant to your business. PPC can help to drive relevant users to a specific web page.

Social media is also a handy tool to use so that you can share website information across multiple channels. Written a new blog post? Share it on socials to drive more organic traffic to your website. Read our blog on reasons you should use social media for business.


digital marketing efforts

Provides customers with a method of contact

Some businesses opt for a simple contact page, an FAQs section or a chatbot. Whatever you choose, this means you’re providing customer support online even during non-business hours. This can be another reason why a customer may choose to work with you.

Share your success on the company’s portfolio

We’ve already mentioned reviews and our own portfolio, and that’s because they’re great items to share on your website. Don’t forget that one of your website goals is to encourage people to choose your business over your competitors. This means you need to stand out and share what you’ve achieved.

Having a website is crucial, and those not using one may be missing out on some fantastic opportunities. Selling your products online as well is just an additional way to increase sales with proven success records. Your website can target local customers and can even help businesses break geographical barriers.

Whatever your goals are for your new business website, contact us. Our team of developers have vast experience and always remain up to date with the latest trends and techniques. We hope this article has been useful on the importance of a good website for business.

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