We partnered with the British Business Group in Dubai and supported them with a redesign of the website’s front end. We called upon our extensive experience of building modern, user-friendly sites and developed a cleaner, more coherent UX for the BBG’s members.

To make navigation easier for the user, we reorganised the menu and news sections and to highlight their success, we added testimonials. We also reordered the homepage so that important information was more prominently featured.

This website needed to be informative, so we integrated video content to show what the BBG can offer. The BBG run regular networking events, so it was important that these were easily accessible and the information was clearly displayed. We carefully placed call to actions throughout the site to encourage users to start a membership.

Following the redesign, the website showcases their offering in a more professional way.

The BBG in Dubai is a not-for-profit organisation that supports British businesses through valuable networking events. The BBG has a range of membership options, offering social media promotions, speaking opportunities and guest article writing.

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